Alliance Partition Systems


Alliance Partition Systems is a construction company that specializes in erecting interior and exterior partitions on large-scale commercial projects. Alliance Partition Systems operates on a contractual basis, and therefore has to change and adjust their staffing needs along with their ebb and flow of contracts. Prior to our work with Alliance, they had been conducting in-person meetings for onboarding and training, which took hours per employee, making staffing a full job site, which often tripled their staff, almost impossible to accomplish in a tight timeframe.

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"Building a platform with Madak was truly a gamechanger. It elevated our capacity and consistency, and it's solidified our brand."
Sam Koeppen
Executive Assistant


Alliance brought their staffing issues to Madak, and we helped them implement a streamlined, fully remote, online hiring process. We utilized the software “Trainual” to neatly package their onboarding materials for dissemination and organization. We collaborated with N33D Creative on video content to enhance the overall onboarding experience. This included filming and produced training videos to acquaint their new employees with the culture and processes of Alliance Partition Systems. Before we began, Alliance Partition Systems wasn’t able to onboard more than three people at once, and after our contributions, they are now able to onboard twelve at once, and they also now have a platform which they continue to maintain and update for use long into the future.