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Atavus is a sports tech company that specializes in the mechanics of tackling in contact sports. They analyze data to rate and evaluate tackles for effectiveness, efficiency, and player safety. They also emphasize learning through coaching drills and digital lessons. Atavus came to Madak to streamline their website, and eventually left with a host of useful business tools.


Atavus had a product that was already positioned for success, especially amongst the changing conversation around player health and safety in football and other contact sports. What they needed was a clear and concise path to take their product to market, through their digital presence and brand messaging.

"We'd recommend them to anyone looking to push their brand forward, centralize their messaging, and create processes that will have long-lasting effects for their business."
Kerry Carter


Madak created a new streamlined website, and produced informative new videos. We even helped them develop some parts of their product, including their tackle assessment tool. Madak also synthesized a clear and concise pitch deck to present their product to decision makers in athletic departments at all levels.


With new assets in hand, Atavus went on to land and expand to bigger college football programs, including University of Oklahoma, University of Texas, and Rutgers University. They also continue to generate leads through email marketing campaigns, and expanded social media presence. Madak also helped them develop internal processes for on-boarding to standardize their team training and guide them into a successful future.