Certus is a food safety technology company, tapping into a new market for food safety testing. The cleanliness of food production facilities is usually done by swabbing several areas of the factory, and testing the swabs for bacteria. In 2017 when Certus began as a start-up, most food production facilities would hire an outside contractor, who would test the swabs off-site. However Certus developed a revolutionary in-house system, easily operated by anyone, that works in tandem with monitoring software.

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When Madak began our partnership with Certus, they were a ground-floor start-up. They needed to research and develop their product, manufacture it, develop a strategy for an initial PR push, and find their place within the market. We decided to focus our marketing efforts on mid level food manufacturing through industry publications and trade shows.


Madak guided Certus through the research and development phase, and worked in tandem with their executives to design an intuitive software platform for their product. With a solid product in hand, Madak developed their foundational company messaging “Simple. Safe. Smart,” upon which we built their website, digital ads, and pitch decks. We developed multiple sales presentations for Certus to use in situations ranging from B2B pitches to industry conferences.


We helped Certus activate their new company through an initial PR push including press releases in food production industry publications, features in industry trade shows, and targeted ad campaigns on Google and LinkedIn. We also guided them through the process of obtaining an AOAC certification to further establish their credibility in the world of food safety.