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Ciao began as a pizzeria about 10 years ago on Whidbey Island, WA. For years they enjoyed steady business and a reputation for great pizza in their community, but as the COVID-19 pandemic changed the face of the restaurant industry, they found they needed to pivot in order to preserve their income stream. With the traditional model of in-person dining severely limited by state mandates, they needed an outside-the-box solution to carry them through quarantine.


Working with Ciao we developed several work arounds to make business easier in the time of COVID. First, we helped them adopt a retail model by developing an imported specialty goods niche shop. As a pizza restaurant in a town with a large retirement-age community, Ciao had a large number of customers unwilling or unable to come to the physical store, so we chose to develop an online platform for ordering and shopping.


First, we adapted the content of Ciao’s brand messaging, cultivating a focus on quality specialty Italian foods. Then we developed a new web page using a recently developed brand guide template, creating an online store with professional product photos, web copy, and SEO optimized content. We leveraged partnerships with nearby delivery service providers to provide timely delivery for takeout orders and groceries.


Ciao managed to weather the storm of the pandemic using their new business model, and once the smoke cleared, they were left with several new sources of income. Through creative strategy they were able to maintain their place in the public eye during difficult times, and as a result of their work during crisis, they now had a sleek new webpage, and a profitable grocery/online retail store.