Dakota VenturesDakota Gal Digs


Dakota Ventures offers turn-key short-term rental investment opportunities. Ventures offers ownership in a short-term rental without all the hassle and it starts earning money the same day. They find the rentals, furniture, get the permits, market, hospitality and manage all of the rentals.

A branch of Dakota Ventures is Dakota Gal Digs, a fun and elevated vacation rental company. They manage short-term rentals with tailored unique interior design. Each location has its own instagram-worthy features and with the help of Dakota, customers can attract more bookings and free up their time while still getting all of the benefits of owning a vacation rental.

Dakota Ventures and Dakota Gal Digs came to Madak with the goal in mind of revamping their established brand. They needed a new look that better suited the brand and a cohesive brand guide to go with it.


Madak created a new look and feel that better aligned with their long term business goals. By swapping around the logos that were once tied to Dakota Gal Digs over to Dakota Ventures, the bison was a better overarching logo for the brand. We created a new logo for Dakota Gal Digs, by pinpointing on the long-term goal of owning a ranch by switching their original bison logo to a bold and bright horse. 

With a new array of brand colors, logos and messaging, Dakota Gal Digs can now stand out among its competitors.Both Dakota Ventures and Dakota Gal Digs left with a collection of new logos, colors and fonts. With the fresh new branding, Madak created brand new websites for both of the brands that captured the look and feel of their unique business.