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DAPrDAN is an home exterior cleaning service located in Washington State. Since 1998 they have been cleaning windows, gutters, and roofs, and adding more services.

DAPrDAN came to Madak with the goal of creating short videos about each of their seven services that would be used to captures leads through paid media and email marketing. They wanted to expand their existing clients and reach new audiences through specific digital campaigns that would launch during different times of the year.


Madak brought their vision to life by writing a script, video planning, and recording a mini series. Between two and half days of recording, Madak was able to capture DAPrDAN’s overall story and all seven services. We edited each video and added new graphics to improve their performance across all channels.

Madak also worked with them to create two different landing pages to perform A/B testing to decide which page would better perform with their media strategy. After launching a couple of the ads, we saw results within the first month. DAPrDAN was left with a new ad series that's ready to be launched throughout the seasons along with a new landing page that's ready to capture leads!