“Madak helped achieve an 83% renewal rate for season ticket holders” -
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We Make Innovative
Ads That Convert

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Our Process

1. Unique Digital Advertising

Designed to specifically capture leads and turn your visitors into buyers while getting the most out of your budget.

Copywriting Optimized for SEO
Original Creative Ads
Ongoing Research & Development
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2. Landing Pages That Convert

We create original, eye-catching ads that are deployed across strategic platforms like Google, Facebook, and other social media networks.

Custom Design
A/B Testing
Quality Lead Captures
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3. Generate & Measure

We won’t confuse you with measurements that aren’t relevant, but rather give you an analysis that you care about.

Reports on Revenue & Profit
New Lead Notifications
Automated Follow-up Messaging
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Case Study

FastModel Sports
Reduced Cost
Per Acquisition
Reduced Cost
Per Click
in Sales

What We Do

Handle everything - strategy to creative
Design landing page that convert leads
Monitor every dollar of your budget

What We Don’t Do

Create lifeless ads & vanilla landing pages
Swamp you with unnecessary work that you paid us to do
Have you sign long term contract with pages of fine print

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