Market Launch
Market Sales
Designs Produced

Dipak has over 42 years of experience in Graphic Arts located in Mexico City, where they design the packaging for pharmaceutical laboratories, consumer products, and gift bags. Dipak is the leading brand in gift wrapping in Mexico. Their efficiencies allow them to offer top quality products at very competitive pricing. Dipak has over 30 customers in the Mexican market and is expanding into the United States through partnership with Madak.


Dipak needed Madak’s help to design gift bags that would appeal to the American audience as they plan to expand their sales in the United States. Dipak was ready to expand their design capacity and produce more diverse gift bag designs. We focused on US consumer preferences and highlighted trends among US consumers.


Since our partnership started, Madak has produced and presented weekly gift bag designs. These gift bag designs vary weekly based on the themes needed, such as bridal, baby, birthday etc.

We have also created multiple trends presentations that align with the given themes and holidays to showcase why our designs will sell in the US market. Dipak was given the opportunity to partner with Columbia College in Chicago and have their design students gain real world experience. The students created bag designs while earning college credit. Madak helps assist the students by providing feedback on their designs for them to implement.


Madak has produced over 400 bag designs. Along with the bag designs, we have also built multiple sales decks for Dipak to utilize while in discussion with potential investors and company buyers. Dipak has since been able to get their bags into Dollar Tree. In the future they are hoping to continue to expand their sales in the US market and reach new audiences.