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FastModel Sports is a sports tech company that provides software for basketball coaches and players to share and communicate drawings, diagrams, playbooks, and videos. They cater to teams of all levels, from youth and high school leagues to college and professional programs. With multiple targets and products, FastModel needed a cohesive plan to concentrate their marketing efforts.

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When we were mapping out a plan of attack with FastModel the challenge was to target multiple audiences with different needs, through the best possible marketing channel. For the younger teams the strategy included a laser focus digital and social media ad campaign using engaging content, and for the higher level teams, we focused on relationship building and sales deck pitches and development.

"We're always impressed with the work Madak has done. They have helped us find our footing and got us to where we need to be with our website, graphics, and digital ads."
CJ Conway
Digital Marketing Manager


We helped FastModel produce the content for their ads, as well as a framework for their digital ad strategy. We coached their team on basic digital ad literacy and improved their efficiency on ad spend. We also developed compelling sales decks to take to pitches at collegiate and professional athletic offices. 


After rolling out a fresh digital ad strategy and cohesive brand messaging, Fastmodel achieved a landmark client base of 10,000 regular users. They continue to expand among high level college leagues, and professional organizations, and currently recognize revenue from digital ads aimed at youth and high school leagues as a significant portion of their overall revenue.