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What Is The Madak Guide?

Learning Modules

12 learning modules walk you through the Madak Method with video, infographics, and reading material.


Each module contains a video to walk you through the subjects step-by-step.

Downloadable Resources

Documents, templates, and resources that our team use with real clients to develop strategy, find audiences, and optimize operations.

LifeTime access

Enjoy access to the modules, exercises, and templates for a lifetime.

A Course Created For…

In-House Marketers

Strengthen your in-house team with insights we’ve gained working with numerous industries, products, and services.


Startups and solopreneurs—maximize your time and money by learning where to start with what you have.

Small-To-Medium Sized Businesses

Be proactive about growth while maintaining a realistic marketing plan.

Recent Graduates

We get it. School only prepares you for so much. Get an edge in the job market by learning the ropes with the same material our team trains on.

The Madak Guide

Resources you need to optimize your business.
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Month 1


Module 1 - Strategic Thinking

We’ll go over four strategic thinking frameworks we use to develop and shape marketing goals.

Module 2 - Customer Journey

Map out all the ways customers engage with your business to identify potential problem areas.

Module 3 - Organization

We’ll share our favorite ways to keep organized and streamline processes for maximum efficiency.

Module 4 - Competitor Analysis

Learn how to conduct your own competitor analysis and how to use this information to create value for your customers.

Month 2


Module 5 - Brand Identity

We’ll take a deeper look at the messaging and design components that comprise strong brands.

Module 6 - Messaging

Brand goes beyond the visual. Learn the types of messaging needed to prepare for the spotlight.

Module 7 - Creative Assets

Discover ways to source quality photos, graphics, and videos without breaking the bank.

Module 8 - Design Basics

Gain the confidence to start designing some of your own creative assets with these key design principles.

Month 3


Module 9 - Target Audience

We’ll show you how to identify your target audience and the numerous ways this information can be used.

Module 10 - Tactics

Identify, select, and prioritize specific tactics to use in your marketing plan.

Module 11 - Data Analysis

Learn how to interpret data and which metrics are accurate indicators of performance.

Module 12 - Optimization

Decide when and how to adjust your digital marketing to optimize performance.

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