LeagueSpot is a startup SaaS company that provides a platform to play video games competitively for a wide range of customers. Commonly known as eSports, competitive gaming is an emerging market with healthy competition. From small groups of friends, to inter-collegiate national tournaments, LeagueSpot is poised to make an impact with their streamlined and competitive platform.

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As a start-up, LeagueSpot was interested in setting a foundation for future success, gaining a base of supporters, and enticing interested investors. They needed a solid foundation of creative assets to take their message to sales pitches for prospective clients and partners, and to leave a lasting impression on their website visitors.

“Madak helped us prepare for investors. They gave us a sharp, engaging pitch deck for our SAAS platform that tells our story in a way that's easy to understand.”
Andrew Barnett


Madak worked with LeagueSpot to build high quality videos, organize a presentation strategy, and produce high quality sales decks for both potential clients and potential investors. We also helped LeagueSpot craft a sleek and powerful website that concisely delivers their message through video, animation, and branding, which work together to leave a lingering impression on visitors.


We rolled out our content strategy with LeagueSpot, to their desired outcome. With their new content strategy in-hand, they went on to land several keystone accounts including the YMCA, North American Scholastic eSports Federation, and collegiate leagues at the State University of New York, and the Eastern College Athletic Conference.