Loyal Foundry


Loyal is building a global app community, creating strength in numbers, bringing together a portfolio of quality apps and providing the resources needed to succeed. The Loyal community enables the scaled benefits of a large publisher to maximize revenues through subscriptions, advertising and other pathways.

Loyal came to Madak needing to establish a stronger brand foundation as they acquired Series A Funding. As well as a new website to match. They had already acquired over 150 apps but wanted a more sophisticated branding and website to continue reaching developers.


Madak designed a new look for Loyal from top to bottom. This included a complete brand guide with new logos, fonts and colors. We also designed a new website with completely new visuals and easy to understand content. The website is targeted towards app developers and publishing. It’s simple yet sophisticated enough to draw in new leads.

We helped Loyal roll out their new branding, website, and brand visuals across all of their platforms. Loyal now has a completely refreshed look and feel, as well as an array of tools to help them continue their success.

Madak has also been able to tackle some of their app branding challenges. We develop app icons as well as their app landing pages. Rugby.net and US Rugby app.

We look forward to continuing our work with Loyal as we expand on both their brand and marketing for some of their acquired apps.