Monsterful is a virtual reality baseball simulator with applications for both professional and amateur baseball teams. The company was a small family business, operated by just a couple of individuals. They were acquired by PHNX Sports Partners in 2019, and needed an overhaul of their operation. Through our previous work with PHNX, Madak was the natural choice to take Monsterful’s business to the next level.


Madak’s strategy at the outset of our relationship with Monsterful was to build stronger relationships with partners to build a firmer place within the industry in order to sell the Monsterful package to baseball academies and team owners. The company required new branding, strategy, internal structure, and a website. They also needed to standardize their approach to social media and drafting internal documents.


Madak developed a brand guide for Monsterful, and used their new branding package to streamline their website with consistent branding and engaging content. We also produced professional commercials for their product. In order to standardize their social media presence, we assembled a social media playbook as well as email marketing templates, and consistently branded internal documents. 


After Monsterful’s asset development stage, we partnered with Prep Baseball Report (PBR), a baseball industry publication that is commonly read by coaches and athletes in order to reach more academies and generate buzz among individual baseball players. With their new processes and branding in place, Monsterful was positioned to succeed in taking their business forward to an expanded market and provide positive results for their new partners.