Olson Foundation


The Leland J. and Dorothy H. Olson Charitable Foundation (“The Olson Foundation'') was founded in Omaha, Nebraska in 1993, after the founders spent decades supporting women’s health through philanthropy and investing. The foundation’s scope of focus has expanded to include education, environment, and family health for the last two decades.

The Olson Foundation is focused on preserving a long term, multi-generation endowment aligning with their mission to develop relations with charitable organizations in Omaha, NE and Stanwood, WA including their surrounding communities that serve local needs in education, family, health, and environment. 

The Olson Foundation came to Madak with a goal to improve their brand presence. The challenge was the Olson Foundation wanted to increase awareness of the organizations they support, without drawing attention to themselves. They wanted a new website, and a brand refresh that put a spotlight on their mission without bringing attention to the foundation itself. 


After completing a website audit, Madak took on the challenge by building a website that incorporated a new look and feel that aligned with their goal. We designed the website from top to bottom with new content, visuals and brand messaging. The Olson Foundation’s new website is designed to showcase their mission and past recipients' success stories. Case studies and testimonials are now the main focus of the website.  

Community members who come across the Olson Foundation will be able to quickly recognize the legitimacy of the foundation and its previous charitable donations. Madak also created a new branded grant guideline PDF that’s easily accessible and downloadable. We’re excited to see the list of organizations the Olson Foundation has supported to grow larger!