Phoenix Exteriors
Solar Sector

Phoenix Exteriors is primarily a roofing company, which also specializes in installing solar roofing systems. When they first approached Madak, they had successful offices in both Chicago and Austin, with their sights set on further expanding to markets in Fort Collins, Memphis, New Orleans, Sacramento, and San Antonio. With this expansion, they were required to rethink several aspects of both their branding and internal structure.


We helped Phoenix Exteriors establish a higher degree of consistency in their services by helping them find new, consistent, and reliable suppliers. We also set up Acculynx; a CRM software to ensure organized and timely service with an expanded range of customers. In preparation for their expansion, we also developed new contracts and assets for customer onboarding, which included incorporating regional laws and statutes for construction and energy solutions .

"Madak brought us up to speed with all of our marketing efforts - from initiating campaigns with a new website, to creating collateral for our sales team, to rebranding the company as a whole."
Eric Stanis


First, we gave Phoenix Exteriors a full branding sweep, and made sure they were staying consistent both internally and externally. In order to bring in new customers, we developed a branding guide which we used to flesh out a new website. On the website, we implemented a new “solar cost calculator,” designed to show customers what a solar power system could truly save them over time. 


Phoenix Exteriors now boasts locations in 7 markets. Using our employee onboarding system, they’ve also been able to hire their own in house marketing team for each location. Additionally, with Madak’s guidance they’ve gained the capability to install Tesla solar panel systems, putting them on the forefront of green technology, and positioning themselves as a leader in solar power in the future.