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Seacret is a United States-based multinational marketing company that sells cosmetic and personal care products made from Dead Sea minerals, mud, and nutrients. As a company containing many different cells across multiple countries, they faced a unique challenge; interdepartmental communication. Maintaining a clear and reproducible structure is crucial for day-to-day operations for a company of this size, and ultimately fosters further growth and training throughout the company as a whole.

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Madak primarily provided business consultation for Seacret with an emphasis on executive support. We outlined their ideal structure with a single branch of their business, and extended that format to the rest of their offices around the world. Through our work with the executive team we helped scale business to new countries by developing a consistent structure across all Seacret’s offices. As a result, their employees were left with a greater understanding of their personal job responsibilities, and their executives were left with a clearer picture of how to operate their teams, and exactly what hiring practices were needed to be successful. We primarily utilized the proprietary data visualization program; Lucidchart to allow for fluid communication and understanding throughout the organization.