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The United States Rugby Foundation is a national non-profit organization. Through fundraising and community involvement they provide grants, scholarships, and programs for youth rugby organizations in order to lay an early foundation for the sport. At the outset of their partnership with Madak, they had several goals; improve their online presence and digital marketing, identify potential sponsors and growth initiatives, and solidify their internal structure.


In order to streamline USRF’s digital strategy, we created a plan to clarify and promote their membership benefits, began a laser focused email marketing campaign, and refreshed their online presence. We established a timeline for regular content posts on web and social media, as well as an ad campaign strategy. We also helped conceptualize a “Match Day Tents” program designed to provide youth teams with co-branded pop-up canopies during games.


First we drove a redesign of their webpage and customer facing media channels. Our focus was to create a portal that made membership easy for potential donors to access, as well as get an overview of how USRF helps the youth rugby community. Then we focused on creating organic web traffic through relevant social media templates and content; including the “With You! Rugby Podcast.” 


After rolling out the new changes to their image and strategy, USRF began to enjoy a more sustainable flow of donor memberships. We rolled out the new assets and initiatives through Google Ads, and established a new method to track donations through a non-profit oriented CRM database. Through these organization measures, we helped USRF double their web engagement, and quadruple their fundraising. 

May 4, 2022

Smart Strategies Bolster US Rugby Foundation Reach, Fundraising

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