Veneno is a Houston TX based (and Jalisco made) luxury tequila brand. Established in 2018, they burst into a competitive spirits market, with a quality product and their sights set high. Currently they distribute throughout Texas, with a strong presence across the state. Madak and Veneno have been working together since the company’s inception, and continue to collaborate on marketing initiatives.


When Madak and Veneno began our collaboration, Veneno had two things: their name and a desire to sell premium tequila. They needed a complete brand built around those two core items. We started at square one, by identifying target markets, conceptualizing the brand identity, and establishing a viable product line. We planned to attract interest from established tequila drinkers via events, tastings, tequila education, and vendor partnerships.

"They nailed the creation of our luxury brand. Madak is as passionate about the brand process as we are about tequila."
Javier Loya


We worked with Veneno to build a logo, brand language, website, digital strategy, sales strategy, and engaging videos and content. We centered the idea for the Veneno brand on the legend of Quetzalcoatl, a feathered serpent and legendary Aztec deity, and cultivated a brand that represents the quality and style their product demands.


We threw an epic and memorable party in honor of the Veneno launch, putting the brand on the map in the hospitality industry. Since their inception, Veneno has progressed to both on-premise and off- premise alcohol sales, with a combined total presence in over 130 locations and growing. Veneno also took home a silver medal in the taste category at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, as well as a gold medal for package design.