VerAvanti is a medical tech company that is developing a new patented medical device called a scanning fiber endoscope. This revolutionary piece of equipment is designed to prevent strokes and cardiac events through proactive cardiovascular screenings. In layman’s terms, it is a small camera that traverses the interior of veins, illuminating previously difficult-to-see areas of the circulatory system which could harbor critical health risks. VerAvanti was in need of a cohesive presentation deck to take their product to potential investors in order to obtain $30m in Series A funding.

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With a 30 day turnaround to complete a presentation, Madak was asked to quickly distill the VerAvanti message in to a concise and persuasive presentation outlining the functionality, manufacture, patent status, and application of the scanning fiber endoscope. We delivered a polished and informative presentation for VerAvanti on a tight timeline, that they were then able to take to investors, with potential applications for further brand development.