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Visual Edge is a sports tech company specializing in training an athlete’s vision, visual processing, and response. When Vizual Edge began their contract Madak, they’d already been in the business for years, with a solid base of science and success built around their product. The idea was proven, but needed a refresh in terms of presentation.


When the company was acquired in 2018, it became clear that they needed a new strategy for their brand, website, UI, and digital marketing. With successful and functional technology, they needed a sleek and efficient new look to take to clients, as well as a standardized in-house on-boarding process to train a new marketing department.

“Madak provided electric designs and empowered our team to handle digital marketing in house”
Ryan Warkins


Madak designed a new brand for Vizual Edge from top to bottom. We also designed a new website complete with professional videos and a digital storefront, and teamed up with their software developers to elevate their software design and UI. We also developed engaging sales decks, and internal documents and processes for onboarding new employees.


We rolled out their new branding, website, and sales decks, and hired and trained a new internal team. With their new brand guide, staff, and tools in place, we also moved forward with a new social media strategy, and launched new platforms, complete with scheduling and templates. At the end of the process, Vizual Edge was left with a completely refreshed look and feel, as well as an array of tools to help them continue their success.