XV Series

XVSeries works to develop and identify people involved with rugby to succeed at the next level. Their members consist of region and club teams. They work to help players, referees, coaches and support staff make their goals a reality by connecting them with MLR teams and scouts. XVSeries recently enlisted Madak to help them organize and strategize their goals going into 2022.


XVSeries was just the beginning of a larger idea when Madak helped bring them a strong vision. With Madak guidance, they developed a solid business plan all members could get behind. Utilizing this business plan, Madak focused on bringing in new members, scouts, and a revenue stream utilizing a membership plan along with a store selling XVSeries gear.


Madak helped bring their brand to life with a strong website, sales deck, branding guidelines, and social media templates. Madak has had a huge impact in developing the XVSeries identity and launch their brand.


Through our development of the business plan, we have managed to develop a solid strategy going into 2022. With the creative assets we made for XVSeries, within the first 3 months of working with them, we helped bring in three more members. Our contact with XVSeries is ongoing and we plan to run digital ads, email campaigns, and continue developing their membership program to bring in even more members.