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Madak is a marketing agency that focuses on building digital foundations that foster meaningful connections through cohesive content. This includes strategic planning, branding, website development, & content marketing.

What makes us tick


To elevate brands by establishing strong digital foundations.

At Madak, our 'why' is rooted in the conviction that every brand holds a unique story under all the chaos. We are dedicated to fostering individuality by empowering brands to break through the noise.

At our core

Strategy is paramount
Collaboration is key
No fluff or jargon
Make it happen
Over communicate
Progress over perfection
Continuously grow
Sometimes to go fast you need to go slow

Principles that point us toward success

Strategy is paramount

Winging it only gets you so far. We believe strategy and planning is a vital part of any project's success.

Collaboration is key

Your success is our success. We strive to know your project better than you, but we expect you to know your business better than anyone; together, we can achieve great success.

No fluff or jargon

We believe in order to be authentic and real that we can’t hide behind industry jargon or marketing fluff. Working with Madak means honesty and transparency.

Make it happen

At the end of the day, Madak is here to help you achieve your goals. We can't predict the outcome, but we can do what we said we would do!

Over communicate

Set expectations; you can't be let down if you communicate from the start what you expect.

Progress over perfection

Sometimes we can kill a project with perfection. At Madak, we strive for progress over getting something perfect. Because incremental growth is still growth.

Continuously grow

We are always moving forward here at Madak, pushing ourselves and our clients to look to the future and create projects that aren't limiting.

Sometimes to go fast you need to go slow

This usually feels counterintuitive but taking the time to build a solid foundation to grow usually allows for even greater results.

What we do

To bring together an exceptional team of thinkers & designers with ambitious client partners, to create products informed by data, driven by design, and brought to life by technology.

Why we do it

To create cohesive digital marketing experiences that are seamless, defined, intuitive and that inspire growth.

Meet our very special team of nerds and wizards


Senior Strategist
Jr. Strategist


Senior Webflow Designer & Developer
Senior Art Director
Art Director
Webflow Designer & Developer
Senior Creative Producer


Fractional CFO
Director of Company Culture
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Paving a new path...


Madak set the bold mission to help 500 clients by 2030 grow strategically through designing and building brands and websites that inspire growth and set them apart within their industry.


Madak became a Webflow Professional Partner and made the leap to only build Webflow Websites.


Madak became a HubSpot Partner, giving our clients an industry-leading CRM.


Madak focuses on producing and launching effective campaigns and creating websites that convert.


Madak Rugby launches as a focus as the sport grows nationally and internationally.


The team continues to grow not only in employees but completing projects nationwide.


Madak LLC launches as a strategic marketing agency.

Where we're located

Being remote allows Madak to work from anywhere! We may be based in Seattle, WA, but our employees live all over the United States.

Boise, ID
Toronto, Canada

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