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Social Media
April 18, 2022

11 TikTok Content Ideas for Businesses

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With over one billion users, TikTok can be a useful platform for business owners to promote their products and services if they navigate it correctly. Unfortunately, the sheer amount of content that is posted on TikTok daily can make it difficult for brands to get noticed. 

Not only is there already pressure to create noticeable and entertaining content, but most TikTok users tend to be turned off by advertisements. Because of this, it’s important that whatever videos you make for your business come across as authentic, personable, and relatable. It can be hard to know where to start, but let’s take a look at some ideas that can help you gain traction and promote your product. 

1. How-To Videos

These videos are exactly what they sound like—instructional videos that show the process of how to do, make, or use something. For a business, this might look like showing how to use a product or even how the business runs. 

TikTok users tend to enjoy videos that feel natural rather than staged or scripted, so make sure that you are speaking from a real place. In other words, don’t “try too hard” to sell yourself; let the authenticity of your work and passion show through!

2. Team Introductions

Introducing your team via TikTok can be a great way to get your audience more invested in your videos. If users begin to recognize and trust members of your business, they’ll be more likely to purchase your product. 

Try splitting up your introduction into several videos; it will create more content for you to post, while also letting users spend more time getting to know each team member.

3. Product Demonstrations 

Of course, you should probably use TikTok to promote your products. Using a trending audio while showing off your product or service can be one great strategy, and you can find plenty of ways to show off your products casually in other videos. 

But don’t forget, for the most part, viewers don’t want to feel like they are being advertised to. Make sure the way you talk about your products is authentic. Don’t be afraid to add some humor!

4. Behind the Scenes

Once you’ve gained a bit of traction, your audience might want to know how your business runs, how you make your videos, or how your product is created. Show them! A behind-the-scenes video (or series) can be another great way to make your business seem more relatable to viewers.

Try not to stage any part of these videos. TikTok users are already wary of ingenuity, but in a video that is supposed to be natural and candid, they will spot it from a mile away.

5. Case Studies

Case studies are always a great way to promote a business. Your audience needs to hear from people like them in order to trust your products and/or services. You might want to show off some videos of customers talking about why they enjoy your business and products. 

Better yet, if you can find any videos on TikTok discussing your products, try using the duetting feature to get that content onto your own page! Users tend to enjoy businesses that interact with them, so make sure to leave comments, too.

6. Before & After Videos 

Videos that show an interesting “before” and “after” of something visual often do very well, and not just on TikTok. Because the app is so fast-paced, having a noticeable and instant transformation works especially well to catch a viewer’s attention. 

You might want to show “before” and “after” using your product to display as large of a transformation as possible. This will give your audience an instantly gratifying example of what your product can do, and hopefully, why they should buy it. 

7. Create Your Own Challenge

Creating your own challenge on TikTok can be incredibly effective if it gains traction. Getting your audience to talk about your business is important, and asking them to actively participate in a challenge can be a great way to do this. 

If your challenge is actually difficult, viewers will jump on the chance to see if they can do it. More importantly, make sure your challenge is as original as possible so that it has the best chance of catching on. 

8. Celebrate Special Occasions

Special occasions are a great reason to post content. Not all of your videos need to explicitly promote your business—in fact, most of them probably shouldn’t if you want to come across as authentic. 

You might want to consider posting specific videos when a holiday comes around, if there is something important or noteworthy happening in the world, or even if you want to celebrate your own milestones as a business. TikTok users like content that is relevant and current.

9. Short Video Clips

Whatever content you end up posting, make sure your videos are concise. Although there is a lot of misinformation out there about our shortening attention spans, it’s certainly true that TikTok is designed to keep us engaged—and part of that engagement comes from being able to swipe away from a video the second we lose interest. 

Make sure that whatever videos you post are as interesting as possible and get to the point quickly as possible.

10. Answer Questions 

As a social media app, TikTok is all about interacting and talking with each other. A great way for your business to be seen as friendly and trustworthy is to answer your audience’s questions and interact with the comments. 

Not only can you reply to comments in the comments section, but you can actually reply to comments with a video. And who knows? Maybe this video will catch even more attention than the first video. As long as it’s of high quality, more content is always better!

11. Create Videos on Trending Topics

The best thing by far that you can do to get your business noticed on TikTok is to follow the trends. This could mean participating in a trend, such as a dancing trend, a challenge, or just using a trending audio or meme. 

It could also mean discussing a trending topic—something noteworthy in the public eye that everyone is talking about. Either way, make sure to use hashtags so that your video is more discoverable through the algorithm.