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Landing Pages
March 20, 2023

6 Best Practices for Landing Pages

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Creating an effective landing page is not an easy task. Landing pages play a critical role in converting website visitors into customers. Whether you're promoting a product, service, or event, landing pages are designed to capture leads and push customers to take action.

  1. No Top Navigation

One of the best practices for landing pages is to remove the top navigation bar from your page. The reason is simple; you want to keep your visitors focused on the action you want them to take. By removing the navigation bar, you eliminate any potential distractions that may divert your visitor's attention away from your call to action.

  1. Use One Call to Action (CTA)

The next important practice for your landing page should be use one clear and specific call to action. Call to Action (CTA) that stands out from the rest of the content. Whether it's to sign up for a newsletter, download a resource, or purchase a product, the CTA should be clear, concise, and visually appealing.

  1. Use CTA Throughout the Page

Another important practice is to put your CTA throughout the landing page. This approach allows visitors to take action at any point while browsing your page, increasing the chances of conversion. CTAs also act as visual reminders throughout the page of the action you want them to take.

  1. Simple but Engaging Copy

When writing copy for your landing page, it's essential to keep it simple and engaging. Make sure to give them all the information about your product or service. Keeping it simple allows the potential customer to quickly learn more about your product and service and ultimately allows them to stay focused and take action.

  1. Show the Value with Social Proof

Visitors come to your landing page with one question in mind, "What's in it for me?"...This is why it's crucial to show the value of your product or service with Social Proof. What is Social Proof? It is testimonials, case studies, or video content, demonstrating the value of your offering can help persuade visitors to take action.

  1. Back It Up, Show Data 

Lastly, if you're making bold claims about your product or service, it's essential to back them up with evidence like data or customer reviews. By providing evidence to support your claims, you increase your credibility and build trust with your potential customers. 

Creating an effective landing page requires a combination of design, copy, and strategy. By following these 6 practices for landing pages, you'll be able to create an engaging and persuasive landing page that converts visitors into customers. Remember, use one clear call to action, demonstrate the value, and always back up your claims. 

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