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Social Media
February 21, 2022

6 Reasons Why LinkedIn Is Important to Grow Your Business

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Many business owners and marketers tend to overlook LinkedIn because it’s not a mega-popular social media platform such as Instagram or TikTok. However, LinkedIn is a very popular professional networking site that has many parallels to “traditional” social media channels.

LinkedIn is a semi-casual platform where business professionals can discuss news, talk about jobs, share articles, evaluate new research, and much more. Its main focus revolves around networking and creating relationships based on career similarities and mutual business interests. 

That being said, LinkedIn grew into something bigger over the years, and nowadays, there are plenty of other benefits to using it for your company’s growth. Keep reading to learn about six reasons why you might want to prioritize LinkedIn in your growth strategy.

Increase Brand Awareness and Improve Your Reputation 

Creating a LinkedIn company page can help you establish your brand and make your business seem more reputable. Having a presence on LinkedIn is a great idea for any brand that wants to increase awareness and engage with working professionals and other businesses. 

Just like any social media platform, you have a better chance of being seen when you consistently post high-quality content. In addition, sharing valuable content (tips and tricks, long-form articles, fun and informative updates, etc.) also improves your brand image and makes you seem more trustworthy.

Generate Truly Qualified Leads

LinkedIn is one of the best social media platforms on which to find qualified leads. It allows you to share very business-specific content to an audience that is actually looking for business-specific content. You can also identify potential leads and engage with them more easily since everyone has a professional profile.

Since LinkedIn is a professional social media platform, it’s a lot easier to find other people and businesses in your industry to connect with. These users are probably much more likely to be converted into a client than the average Instagram browser. The bottom line is that LinkedIn provides you with a unique opportunity to find and market to potential clients, thus enabling you to increase sales more quickly.

Establish Your Position as a Thought Leader and Expert

LinkedIn is a hub of expert knowledge. It’s a platform where professionals often share research results, new findings, surveys, etc., which means if you showcase your knowledge through well-curated posts and articles, you can become a thought leader in your industry.

You can establish yourself as an expert in your field by sharing high-quality information and analyzing essential topics in your industry. If you want to take things to the next level, you can even host webinars or broadcast events to further demonstrate your value and expertise.

If people think of you as knowledgeable, they will start seeking your advice and looking to your brand for industry updates. This will help your brand establish itself as a leader.

Find Top Talent

Recruiters often use LinkedIn to source high-quality candidates when trying to fill a particular position. That’s because most of the top talent around the world has a LinkedIn account and is active on the platform. 

LinkedIn makes it easy for businesses to connect with potential candidates and vice versa; it’s a terrific way to grow your network and establish connections to prospects. The platform also has a premium feature that allows you to find and recruit top candidates faster.

Keep Your Industry Knowledge Up-to-date

LinkedIn is full of posts from other working professionals in every field, making it a valuable tool for gaining new knowledge and keeping up-to-date with all the latest trends in your industry and other parts of the market. 

In addition to having access to updates from your work friends, colleagues, and established professionals you admire, you can get some insight into well-known brands that you consider to be top competitors.

Integrate Yourself Into the Community

Regularly posting on LinkedIn, as well as commenting on and sharing other people’s posts, will make you a part of your industry’s online community. In turn, this makes it easier for you to establish professional relationships with strangers, and it will also improve the first impression that people have of your brand.

LinkedIn Groups are yet another way to communicate with people who have similar business interests. They work on both a national and international level and enable you to exchange ideas, ask questions, and be involved with currently trending topics.

The Bottom Line..

LinkedIn is a terrific social networking platform for any brand or business professional that wants to grow and connect. Unlike other social media applications such as Instagram and TikTok, LinkedIn is not focused solely on casually keeping up with your friends or consuming entertaining content. 

Instead, its purpose is to enable working professionals and businesses to network, share ideas, keep up on industry news, and make professional connections. If LinkedIn is not yet part of your growth strategy, it should be!