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May 31, 2021

Four Tools to Streamline Your Business

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It is said that technology advances exponentially, meaning that it’s only going to evolve faster from this point forward. In the modern day, falling behind on the latest programs and software can cost you — a business needs to keep up with these changes to stay ahead of the crowd and on track for success.

Using efficient SaaS (software as a service) technology streamlines your business by automating repetitive processes, integrating important data, and allowing your team members to focus on work that really matters.

The four tools below will help to improve several aspects of your business processes including security and organization, web design, content creation, team communication, marketing, and customer relations. Read on to learn how to utilize these tools and why they will save you time and effort.


Keeping data secure is incredibly important no matter the business, but is especially relevant if you deal with private client credentials and other login information. ElePass specializes in password management and security and keeps client credentials safe. 

This software helps with secure organization, keeping sensitive client data in one location. ElePass also allows employees and contractors to easily access the data they need, but with customizable permissions, you are always in control of who has access to certain data sets. Not only can you manage permissions, but you can use an activity log to track what information has been viewed, and by whom.

Storing client and team member information in a program that isn’t made specifically for that purpose can be messy, time consuming, and unsafe. ElePass takes the hassle out of password and access management and allows for peace of mind.

Adobe XD

Web design is more important than ever when it comes to providing an experience for customers. Collaboration is essential in the web design process, as several different teams usually share their input to create a finished product.

Adobe XD is used to prototype designs for user experience and interaction. This is a vector-based software, meaning that you use mathematical and geometric commands as opposed to drawing tools, so it’s perfect for crafting media such as graphics, logos, and interface features. In addition to the abundance of design tools that Adobe XD offers, it also has great options for communication and collaboration among team members, helping with the design process and streamlining workflow. For example, you can avoid the nuisance of sending files back and forth by editing a project with multiple teammates in real time.

Using this design platform makes it easier for people to share their work and stay on the same page, saving both time and effort.


Keeping in touch with clients and customers and maintaining good relationships with them is crucial to the success of a business. Unfortunately, tedious and habitual work such as emails, sales follow-ups, and repetitive marketing tasks take away from your team’s ability to work on projects that could push your business forward.

ActiveCampaign is a SaaS company that provides software to help with email marketing, sales, customer service and support, and customer relationships in general. ActiveCampaign is all about ensuring good customer experiences and maintaining connections. Things like sales and marketing emails and customer relations are in no way trivial, but they can take up a lot of time that could be used on other projects. 

By automating these aspects of business, you’re providing your customers with the attention and communication that they deserve and streamlining your workflow all at once.


Brand image and customer perception are vital throughout every stage of business. A poorly designed logo or webpage can drive potential customers away as opposed to attracting them.

Canva is a graphic design platform that helps with all kinds of content creation including digital content, web design, and more. A Canva Pro subscription gives you access to free stock photos and allows you to save custom fonts, colors, images, and designs to your own personal “Brand Kit”, making it easy to build a theme around your brand and create consistently high-quality graphics. There are also customizable templates that will help you produce the perfect finished product for social media images, webpages, logos, flyers, and so much more.

There is a free version of Canva, so you could benefit from this tool at no cost, but for a very affordable rate, Canva Pro allows you to use all of its features. A subscription saves you money on purchasing stock images, can lower your graphic design budget, and in many cases, circumvents the need to know how to code or use more complex design software.

The Bottom Line...

Looking to the future is necessary if you want to build a thriving business. Whether you’re just starting a business or you feel that it’s time to make some changes to your operations and processes, keeping up with the newest technology and taking advantage of all of the specialized SaaS products out there will help you stay ahead. Check out the four tools outlined above to streamline your business and give yourself the best shot at success!