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January 24, 2022

HubSpot Certifications for Marketers

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If you want to be a successful marketing professional, it’s a good idea to keep up with the newest training and certifications to stay up-to-date with all of the trends in the industry and constantly increase your knowledge. 

A great way to do this is by getting certifications from HubSpot, a leader in the marketing and sales industries. You can earn these certifications for free through various courses as part of their Academy. 

Keep reading to learn more about several HubSpot marketing certifications and their benefits. Madak is excited to announce that we are a HubSpot Solutions Partner, if you are interested in learning more about using HubSpot for your business, let us know!

What Are HubSpot Certifications? 

HubSpot certifications get issued by the HubSpot Academy after you’ve finished one of their courses. They’re aimed at marketing, sales, and customer service professionals and offer a unique way to gather more knowledge on the industry that you can later show on your LinkedIn profile.

Some of the courses from HubSpot are short/mini-lessons and videos that you can quickly finish, while others offer more comprehensive explanations and training, so you can pick the ones that fit your schedule. Just make sure to check that the course you’ve chosen comes with certification for completion (a badge) before you start it. 

Which Certifications Should You Have? 

As a marketer, there are four main courses that you might want under your belt.

HubSpot Inbound Marketing Certification

This course sets the foundation for your inbound marketing knowledge. Throughout it, you will be able to develop a better understanding of inbound marketing tactics to attract customers and learn more about the standard inbound marketing techniques. 

HubSpot E-mail Marketing Certification

Even though some digital marketers consider e-mail marketing to be “old school,” in reality, it’s still one of the most helpful marketing tactics you can employ. With the HubSpot certification course, you will learn how to create e-mail marketing campaigns that engage the target audience and build brand loyalty.

HubSpot Content Marketing Certification 

Content marketing is one of the main trends of the industry currently. Creating good content is helps drive sales and expand brand awareness. With the HubSpot course, you will be able to dig deeper into the subject of content marketing and learn more about techniques and tactics to implement in your content marketing strategy. 

HubSpot Reporting Certification

This certification course is for all of the data-loving people out there. It will teach you how to use data to make good decisions by using HubSpot’s top-notch reporting tools. In addition, it will teach you the fundamentals of a data-driven company and how meaningful data can help boost revenue and inspire growth. 

Are HubSpot Certifications Worth It? 

HubSpot certifications are free of charge, which means you get an organized package of knowledge and a course completion badge to go along with it at no cost. With videos and quizzes, the certification courses are engaging and made to help you retain information. 

As an industry leader, HubSpot has ensured all of its courses are led by experienced marketing experts, and having the opportunity to learn from such individuals is always worth your time.