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May 2, 2022

LinkedIn Post Ideas for Businesses

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As a business building (or maintaining) an online presence, one of the most important platforms to bear in mind is LinkedIn; however, LinkedIn can be an intimidating place to navigate when used for online marketing. 

Usually, more strategy is involved when trying to market your brand than when an individual is trying to make connections or grow professional awareness on LinkedIn, so how should you go about it as a business? Keep reading for some LinkedIn post ideas that can help your business build its digital presence. 

Know the Ins and Outs of Your Company Page

Your Company Page is the hub for all of your business activities on LinkedIn, so make sure you’re managing what you post on it well! Keep in mind the key aspects of any online presence: keep content sustainable and consistent, make things eye-grabbing and interesting, and draw viewers further into your Page.

Use “See More” Clicks in LinkedIn Text Posts

Don’t post things that will push people away or make them uninterested. Consider using statistics, ideas, or statements at the beginning of your posts that will make people want to click the “See More” button on your text posts.

Encourage People to Share Their Thoughts via LinkedIn Polls

Interaction is the goal on most social media platforms, whether that’s likes, comments, shares, etc. A great way to get people to interact with your business on LinkedIn is by creating polls that encourage people to share their opinions. 

Grab Attention with LinkedIn Image Posts

Share images and videos in your posts that make the information you would normally convey more attention-grabbing. Your posts need to catch people’s eyes so that they’re more likely to open your Company Page itself!

Essentially, your posts should be interesting and easy for readers to engage with so that your Page’s overall traffic increases. Then, once you have higher traffic on your actual Company Page, you can focus on the aspects within.

Develop Your Company Page for Viewers

Good posts may drive your traffic up, but if you want people to stay long enough to learn about your company, you should fully develop your Company Page. LinkedIn statistics show that businesses with fully-developed Company Pages have up to 30% more weekly views. So, how do you go about developing your Company Page? 

First things first—LinkedIn has hundreds of millions of users, so you need to understand who your intended audience is and make content based on that.

Cover Complex Topics With LinkedIn Articles

Creating LinkedIn articles is a great choice for businesses in any industry that have complex ideas that need to be well-developed. Long-form content always has its place, especially on a professional social platform like LinkedIn. You can add links in your articles to lead to other posts or your Company Page.

Create Swipe-able Document Posts

Swipe-able document posts allow readers to go as shallow or as deep into a topic as they want, which can be less intimidating than complete articles. They can also be more visually appealing and digestible to viewers, as you can design your documents however you want and add as many “swipes” as you need to cover a topic.

Host Real-Time Conversations With LinkedIn Live

Another avenue for increased viewer retainment is engaging fully with your site’s traffic! Host real-time conversations with LinkedIn Live to get some “face to face” interaction with viewers. This can also help your audience feel closer and more connected to your brand.

Present Virtual LinkedIn Events

Organize virtual events that potential partners, employees, or even casual viewers can attend and participate in. These events—especially if hosted regularly—will keep people coming back to your website and allow you to expand your digital footprint. After all, if you can drive up your consistent viewership and keep people coming back, your overall traffic will increase in a self-perpetuating cycle.

Create a Career Page

On a side note, something very important for LinkedIn Company Pages that seek to attract new employees is the Career Page. These will allow you to highlight what your company is all about and what prospective employees can expect from applying and—potentially—working with you.

Keep Your Presence Consistent

As mentioned several times regarding posts and developing your Company Page, having a consistent online presence is key to developing your digital influence. If your company becomes known for sporadic bursts of online activity, your viewership will be as inconsistent as your content output.

Consider some ways you could keep at least a minimal flow of content on your Company Page to maintain weekly traffic. Here are some ideas of ways to keep content output up without writing an in-depth report or long-form article every week.

Deliver Multiple Pieces of Content via LinkedIn Newsletters

Scheduled newsletters are an effective content choice for many businesses. You can push out a simple, easy-to-read message on a regular basis that shows what’s going on in your business or your industry. Even beyond maintaining a consistent content flow, a newsletter can be helpful for viewers to get an at-a-glance idea of what your company is about.

Share Content From Employee Profiles

Much like a brand might re-post or shout out a consumer’s content on Instagram or TikTok, you can share content from employee profiles to forge connections with professionals on the platform. This also shows viewers that you are receptive to others’ ideas and aware of others’ professional accomplishments and authority on a particular subject.

Wrap Up

Quick, attention-grabbing posts can drive more traffic to your business’s LinkedIn, but only a well-developed Company Page will keep those viewers returning and lead to healthier traffic growth overall. Figure out how you want your page to appeal to viewers (potential business partners, employees, etc.) and make sure your business’s LinkedIn is developed for that audience!

To get expert advice on growing your LinkedIn page or your digital marketing strategy, connect with us at Madak to get started.