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July 12, 2021

Madak Agency: Case Study - Windermere Real Estate

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‘Windermere Stanwood and Camano Island’ is a regionally renowned real estate franchise, and sells properties in a beautiful, but lesser-known region of the Pacific Northwest. Our partnership centered around building a healthy lead generation stream by developing eye-catching creative assets, a laser-focused digital ad strategy, experiential local campaigns and outreach, and drawing in customers from nearby metro areas.


Windermere aimed to strengthen their local ties and grow their customer base in surrounding regions. First, working with management over the course of two years, we developed internal processes and collateral for recruitment, sales, budgeting, and opportunity identification. With a healthy internal foundation in place, we zeroed in on sales and lead generation in order to build two campaigns; one to strengthen their position locally, and a second to reach new audiences regionally.


A brand identity is more concrete and tangible, and you get to choose how you want to design it. It is often thought of as a form of visual communication and includes things like logos, company colors, fonts and typography, website design, trends in your social media graphics, and packaging design. All of these physical and visual aspects make up your brand identity and help people identify your brand and distinguish you from your competitors.

Consistency in brand identity across all platforms is key, as it makes you more recognizable, memorable, and dependable. Aligning your visual identity with your business’s mission, goals, and values helps mold perception and show your unique personality. This outward expression of identity helps to build your narrative, as textures, shapes, colors, and so many other aspects of design can have an effect on people’s perception of your brand.


To increase local brand recognition we set up several community sponsorships, and opened a process for donation requests to find opportunities for Windermere to participate in community events. We also kickstarted a local newsletter and market report to attract inbound clients. Finally, we used digital ads targeting the Seattle and Bellevue markets to earn viewership for our strong local presence. Now, agents are able to show their current clients concrete sales and show potential future clients the allure of the Stanwood/Camano region.

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