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May 30, 2022

The Benefits of Using Marketing Automation

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There’s been a lot of talk about automation over the last few years. Automating simple processes that don’t require a lot of brainpower and follow pre-determined patterns is a terrific way for businesses to save time and money while making their daily work more efficient. That is why many industries—including marketing—have started using some type of automation in their operations.

In the marketing world, automation can be used as a tool to make recurring tasks easier to manage and to take analytics and workflows to the next level. Keep reading to learn more about what marketing automation is and what benefits it can provide for your business. 

What Is Marketing Automation? 

Marketing automation is a process that uses applications and software tools to help automate repetitive tasks. Doing so helps you take your time and energy back into your own hands and increases overall productivity. Automation can be used for a single task, such as lead generation, email marketing, social media management, tracking and reporting, etc., or as a part of a larger marketing strategy. 

How Marketing Automation Can Help You

Let’s now take a look at some benefits of using marketing automation and how they benefit you, your team members, and your company.

Saves You Time and Money 

Perhaps the main benefit of marketing automation is that it frees up your time by taking tasks off your plate, which in turn saves you money. No one should have to spend their time on busy work like sending out recurring emails or posting pre-made content on social media. 

Automating these things can help reduce your marketing expenditure and allow your team to focus on more big-picture projects. You can also worry less about human error causing issues throughout the campaign, as an automation tool can complete a task right every time in a matter of seconds. 

Boosted Sales

Marketing automation can also help increase the average sales in your organization. It allows brands to keep up with more work, meaning customer touchpoints are never neglected. Your team will be able to scale its marketing efforts and brainstorm new campaigns, explore new channels, and come up with some creative ideas, which is what humans were made for! 

All of these factors combined allow you to market to a larger audience, thus bringing in more sales and revenue.  

Better Lead Conversion

According to a report by Drift, 58% of B2B companies don’t respond to leads. In Drift’s words, many companies simply “ghost” their own leads! This may be a result of an overworked team that’s not able to keep up with everything at once.

Marketing automation can help fight this issue. Automating sales funnels, onboarding email drips, and initial meeting set-ups can help bring new prospects in and turn them into conversions without anyone on the team spending hours in a back and forth email conversation with a lead.

Transform Your Customer Engagement and Customer Service

When you have a booming business, you will likely have many customer requests and issues to deal with. Automation can help with this issue by handling many of the easier inquiries and issues that customers have. 

It’s possible to create automated responses too frequently asked questions and requests such as “How do I use a promo code?” or “What’s the status of my order?” which will take some of the repetitive labor away from your customer service representatives. This will also ensure that customers stay happy and taken care of at all times.


Revamped Reporting and Analysis

Thanks to automation software, managers and marketers can now get access to more data and information than ever. These tools provide a variety of reports and analyses in a matter of seconds, which enables you to spot key insights and identify potential issues.

Another plus is that these tools often find trends that you may otherwise miss, thus helping the business stay on top of its ongoing campaigns. 

Newly Streamlined Processes

When processes are streamlined, everyone is happy. People at your company work together better, the customers’ needs are met more effectively, and your brand can thrive. Streamlining processes is all about reducing customer effort throughout the customer journey and making it easier for team members to do their jobs.

When creating these new streamlined processes, you will have the opportunity to break through workplace barriers and work together to provide a terrific customer experience right from the start. 

Personalized Workflows 

Marketing (especially bottom-funnel marketing) is all about personalization at the end of the day. Every consumer has different drivers, and their actions can help you understand what those are.

Utilizing customer data with the help of automation can help you better understand their needs and allow you to deliver customized content. This kind of personalized workflow is often the key to making sales and retaining customers.

Final Words

Marketing automation has many benefits, but the bottom line is that it helps take busy work off your team’s task list so they—and you!—can focus on other aspects of the job without any negative effects on customer satisfaction. In fact, automation often improves customer relationships!

If you’re interested in getting started with marketing automation, reach out to Madak to learn more about HubSpot Marketing Automation and get some guidance as you implement this new tool into your marketing strategy.