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November 15, 2021

Why Build Webflow?

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One of the services Madak provides is website development and management. It doesn’t matter what platform your company is currently using, Madak recommends switching to Webflow. Why Webflow? Webflow is convenient and easy for all users. Keep reading to find out why Madak suggests Webflow!

Easy To Build

Webflow is completely code-free! That’s not easy to come by on most website builders, most of them require code to make customizable websites. Webflow empowers website designers to build a professional visual canvas with the touch of some buttons. It doesn’t matter if you want a company website, a blog, or an online store, Webflow lets you build it all. 

Not only is there no code but it’s overall better in value! The price to build a website in Webflow is quite a bit cheaper than most website builders. In the long run, you’ll be saving money by not having to hire someone to code your website every time you want to make a change. Anyone in the company can edit the website at no additional cost.

No Templates

Since most website builders require code, they also require a template. Webflow starts with a blank canvas and lets you build from scratch. Why are templates bad? Templates create two main issues.

Templates Can Be Difficult to Customize

Most website templates are extremely rigid. If you want to add a design element to your website that was not included in your template, you'll have to search through potentially 1,000+ lines of code to find what needs to be overridden. Overriding code (which many times is your only option with templates) quickly makes your site bloated and disorganized.

With Webflow, customization is easily achieved just by clicking an element and updating its style. No searching through lines of code and no fighting the template with overrides. This contributes to faster development speed and a clean, organized website.

Templates Can Make Your Website Load Slow

Templates try to provide options for some customization, they include extra code in your site to allow for that possibility. This increases the size of your web pages making your load times considerably slower. With Webflow, you only need to load what is being used, allowing your site to get up and running as fast as possible.


Most users these days don’t open a website on a computer, rather most website traffic comes from tablets & phones. Webflow is easily customizable to ensure the best user experience for mobile devices. Not only is it set up to optimize for your users, but it’s easy to optimize for great SEO performance. 

The best websites are interactive. Users want to be able to engage with your content. Webflow offers advanced layouts & animations. It also integrates with Zapier to automate website changes & trigger actions on other platforms and services.

Easy to Manage & Edit

Webflow is extremely easy to maintain. The website lets you create and edit content right on the webpage. All you have to do is press the edit button and start making changes. Before the content is published, Webflow will show you exactly how it’ll appear on the site.

Add as many team members as you would like to your editing site. All collaborators will be able to edit at any time and check to see who has made previous changes. Whenever a change is made, Webflow automatically backs up the latest version of your site for you.

The Bottom Line... 

Whether you were thinking about a new website design or not, making the change to Webflow is something to consider. It might seem intimidating but it will benefit your company and your customers. If this blog hasn’t convinced you enough to switch then let Madak convince you by talking with our website developer. There are plenty of more benefits to be discussed. Partner with us, we’ll do all the work for you!