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June 6, 2022

Why Madak Became a HubSpot Agency

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Madak is now a HubSpot Solutions Partner! Becoming a HubSpot agency has many advantages, and this article is intended to share the thought process behind the decision and explain what this partnership has enabled us to do. 

Keep reading to learn more about what it means to be a HubSpot Agency and to learn about some of the amazing things we—and you!—can accomplish with the help of HubSpot.

Being a Part of the HubSpot Partner Program

HubSpot created its Agency Partner Program in 2010, and its primary purpose was to help marketing agencies grow and get more customers by using the HubSpot inbound methodology.

As HubSpot themselves mentioned, the world has changed, and so has business. Once upon a time, a business that developed a great product had a high chance of success, but the customer landscape has since evolved. It’s not just about marketing anymore, but about creating a strong ecosystem between businesses, partners, and clients. 

This is where the Solutions Partner Program comes in.

Madak decided to become a Partner due to the amazing set of features and benefits the Partner Program offers. Here are some of the primary benefits that will help our agency grow and become more reputable year after year, as well as ensure our clients are getting the best possible service.

People Support 

One of the best things about working with HubSpot is always having a team of dedicated professionals to help you grow your company. That team includes specialists such as a:

  • Channel Account Manager
  • Channel Consultant
  • Priority Support Specialist

Growth Tools and Enablement 

Along with providing unparalleled support, HubSpot also gives you access to the tools you need to help you develop your business further. These aren’t only marketing tools, but also sales and delivery tools and services that ensure that your business has everything it needs to get to the next level.

Here are some of the marketing tools you have access to as a HubSpot Partner: 

  • HubSpot Solutions Directory Listing
  • HubSpot Academy Certifications
  • HUG Leadership Opportunities
  • Eligibility for Impact Rewards

As for sales, you get granted access to: 

  • Partner Lead Notifications
  • Sales Bootcamps
  • HubSpot Demo Portal
  • The ability to waive onboarding for your clients

Though the marketing and sales tools listed above are nothing to underestimate, you may have expected them. These delivery tools for HubSpot Partners might be a bit more surprising (in a good way!): 

  • On-Demand Partner Training
  • Client Management Dashboard
  • Guided Client Onboarding
  • Partner Resource Center

Along with all of those perks, being a HubSpot Partner has ensured that we’re always in the company of like-minded individuals who want to advance in the world of business and work hard to take their organization further. 

Frequently, having a solid network proves to be extremely helpful, especially in more challenging situations where a seasoned professional's advice, guidance, and help can enable you to solve a complex situation. 

How Being a HubSpot Partner has Helped Madak

In addition to having access to the tools above, being a part of the HubSpot Solutions Partner Program has allowed us to provide an entirely new client experience. We can onboard our own clients to HubSpot and thus build custom inbound customer experiences for our clients that can later become the backbone of their entire marketing strategy. 

At Madak, we are focused on helping our clients grow, and so we do it in every way possible—both with the use of HubSpot’s tools and with dedicated work from the people in our agency. 

Madak’s initial reason for becoming a HubSpot Agency was to get access to their Marketing & Sales Hub. As technological advancements keep on coming, we need to stay in touch with the world and our clients, which means using the best tools and applications. With that said, from HubSpot’s Marketing & Sales Hub, we have several “must-use” features that we employ on a daily basis. They are: 

  • The email marketing platform. We use HubSpot’s email marketing platform to send out all marketing emails and then track their performance. Thanks to this feature, we’re able to identify the best templates and then use them for future campaigns. 
  • Tracking and managing the performance of ads. As a marketing agency, a good chunk of time is dedicated to creating and following up with ads that we create for our clients and for ourselves. Thanks to HubSpot’s Marketing & Sales Hub, that task is a whole lot easier. 
  • Following up on all social media accounts. The Hub has a feature that allows us to manage all of our social media accounts from one place, which saves time and helps with strategy.
  • Lead tracking. The Marketing & Sales Hub helps with lead generation and enables us to analyze where each lead comes from.
  • Automate the sales process. With the ability to create personalized emails that get sent to our leads, we can partially automate the sales process and track the sales tasks that follow.

Key Takeaways 

Becoming a HubSpot Partner has given Madak access to many features and tools that benefit both our clients and our own agency. Now, with our own great team and an incredible network of dedicated professionals and fantastic tools, the workday is more effective and our clients can enjoy the HubSpot benefits just as much as we do.