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Brand Guidelines
August 15, 2022

Why Madak Creates Brand Guides

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Every day we scroll past an almost unbelievable amount of content on the internet. Articles, social media posts, videos, and infographics are around every corner. We are literally surrounded by information; however, we only remember a very small amount of it. 

Regardless of how consistent you are with posting content, sending out emails, and updating your site, most users who come in contact with your brand won’t remember it for long. So, the question is, how can you get people to remember you and start recognizing your business when they come across it? How can you get users invested in your company and actually pay attention to the content you share?

One of the best ways to ensure your brand is identifiable, memorable, and consistent is by creating a brand guide, which is why at Madak, we create brand guides for clients as part of our creative and branding service. But what is a brand guide, and how can it help you stand out? Keep reading to learn more!

What Are Brand Guides? 

A brand guide is essentially a set of rules that will help you create a distinguished feel and look for your company. They are what enables you to create a “personality” for your brand so that customers are able to quickly recognize it across multiple platforms and content types, including ads, social media posts, etc. 

A proper brand guide is extremely comprehensive and includes everything from the brand’s color palette and its typography to the tone of voice you want to maintain in communication and your mission statement. 

Brand guides are also beneficial for employees. When you have all of your brand’s necessary information in one location, team members can use it as a reference point to return to every time a new piece of media or marketing campaign has to be created. 

3 Reasons You Should Have a Brand Guide

Brand guides are about more than just creating beautiful visuals and keeping color palettes consistent. The fact that your company’s Instagram grid will look flawless is always a plus, however, there’s much more to gain from a comprehensive brand guide. 

Let’s take a look at three reasons brand guides are necessary if you want to stand out and attract customers.

People Love Consistency

In business, being consistent is key. Using brand guidelines for all your marketing materials, ads, and on your website is a way to distinguish your company from all your competitors. In fact, presenting a consistent brand image has been shown to increase your business’s revenue by 23%

Consistency works so well because repetition automatically leads to brand recognition. Using the same font, colors, and logo time and time again can help customers begin to recognize your company, especially if the branding itself is original and well-made. 

Just take a look at the Instagram profiles of big brands like Nike or Coca-Cola — you will instantly recognize them, even without seeing the logo. That’s thanks to the distinguished font, colors and overall messaging that they use. 

Your Marketing Team Will Work More Effectively

Having brand standards will help your team work faster and more efficiently when creating new marketing materials and even when planning entire campaigns. Instead of spending hours wondering what colors to use, what font to choose, or which tone of voice is right for a particular ad, they will already have a stellar guideline to give them all of the answers. 

This makes the decision-making process much easier, and your team won’t be in constant communication about whose idea to use — there’s a guide for that! 

Your Brand Will Stand Out

You only need to spend around 30 minutes on social media, and you will probably see the ads and profiles of more than 20 brands that are targeting you as a potential customer. Over time, all the content you’re seeing will start blending together. 

However, if you stay consistent and push a coherent brand image on all platforms, then there’s a higher chance of making an impression on your potential customers. The best way to achieve that is by having a prominent brand voice and a way of communicating with the target audience that’s either informative, engaging, or funny. 

For example, you can opt to have a more comical and relatable tone of voice or an authoritative one. Regardless of what choice you make, it’s important to remain consistent once you decide on it. That way, when customers are reading an article or post published by your brand, they will be able to recognize it immediately.

In Conclusion

At Madak, we know that having a standout brand image in this fast-paced information age is a must. However, establishing a recognizable brand image is not an easy job. 

We know this, so we help our clients achieve the brand identity and easy team collaboration they need with the help of brand guides. This aspect of our creative and branding service helps you stand out in the market and become more memorable to consumers. What do you envision when you think of your perfect brand guide? Reach out and let us know!