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Graphic Design
July 25, 2022

Why Madak Uses Figma

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The cloud-based design tool, Figma, enables collaboration and group sharing so everyone has access to important projects. Figma is a go-to tool for Madak, as it provides a multitude of features that make website creation and interface design more productive. It also helps different team members stay on the same page no matter where they’re working from! 

Keep reading to learn about some of the biggest reasons Madak uses Figma and to get insight into how this tool can empower your own team.

Cross-Platform Functionality

Since Figma is available on a wide range of platforms and operating systems, it’s easily accessible and practical to use. No matter what setup you have, the software you’re running, or the technology you are using, Figma is able to work for you. 

There is no need to juggle between different tools depending on what PC setup each employee has — no more packing your system full of multiple kinds of software just to get one simple task done.

Collaborating Made Easy 

The main function of Figma is to provide effortless opportunities to collaborate with team members and to do so seamlessly. Through their system, it’s easy to work on the same task with others while simultaneously keeping track of everything that’s happening. 

There are many built-in functionalities with other apps and tools such as Slack and interactive whiteboards that allow for this easy collaboration and real-time file sharing. In other words, you can see the changes that are being made as they’re happening, and you can talk about them too!

Efficient and Permission-Based Sharing

Not only is file sharing easy, but it’s also secure. Figma allows you to set up permission-based sharing settings for any file, page, or frame. This makes it easy to maintain privacy both internally and externally — you never need to worry if someone is making changes to something they shouldn’t be.

The software can also keep track of what is being shared (and only share what is necessary) instead of sending team members endless files to sort through.

Real-Time Updating

While you work by yourself or with other team members, Figma provides updates in real-time to show the progress that has been made. It also has integration with other third-party apps and services, which allows you to create your own files and upload them to the Figma cloud. 

This quickly streamlines your work process while also removing the hassle of having files and frames spread out over multiple different software programs, allowing everyone to get on the same wavelength and see everything in a single easy-to-access place (which is also great for file organization!).

In summary, as your team works on a certain design or project, every participant can see what’s happening. No back-and-forth emailing necessary.

Providing Feedback Is a Breeze 

Similar to services like Google Docs, Slides, etc., feedback can easily be provided through comments and suggestions within Figma itself. This is available to both team members and clientele. These comments can be pivotal in the collaboration process to help make sure that the team is on the right track with what the client wants, and the client can provide meaningful feedback in real-time on the work that has been done. 

It can be beneficial to have your project dashboard displayed during team meetings or reviews, as it can be shared on a large screen or within a virtual meeting hub so that everyone can view the work at the same time. With Figma, reviewing comments from team leaders or clients can be a productive group effort instead of an email-induced bottleneck.

Figma Templates

Create a workspace that has style, flair, and functionality with specific templates that Figma provides. These templates are designed to fit your team and the work that you're doing. You can create your own workspace through the provided tools, but they also have a wealth of templates, plugins, widgets, and more to help you set the team up for success.

In addition to the features and functions already mentioned, there are several other tools built into Figma to assist you. You can get more insight into Figma’s capabilities and learn about Figma best practices on their website.


So, why does Madak use Figma? It’s user-friendly and accessible, and it allows for a more collaborative and efficient digital design workspace. It makes it easier for multiple teams to work on the same project at once while staying on the same page, and it ensures files are secure. On top of everything, Figma provides so many resources that help users get the most out of this tool. If you have any questions about Figma, visit their website or reach out to us at Madak to hear more about the wonders of this collaborative design tool!