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DeWilde Rugby Fields
DeWilde Rugby Fields

Chuckanut Bay was able to hold fundraising events and generate tens of thousands in donations

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deWilde Rugby & Polo Fields in Ferndale, WA has been under the management and care of Chuckanut Bay Athletics Association (CBAA) for a number of years. The CBAA is a volunteer-run nonprofit that focuses on growing the sport of rugby in the northwest corner of Washington state. Marketing for this non-profit was the last thing on the plate, marketing - funds raised went directly into supporting the community and facilities, resulting in a softer digital presence than they deserve.


Madak determined there were several ways to help deWilde Rugby & CBAA together, as the organizations are closely linked. Starting with CBAA in 2021, Madak was able to provide support in fundraising in both operations and marketing. We helped map out the proposed development phases in presentation materials and marketing collateral, as well as generating digital content. CBAA was able to hold fundraising events and generate tens of thousands in donations with the assistance of a unified, branded presence, to drive home the message that the property development projects were serious and something to aspire towards. With the expansion of the project going beyond Chuckanut Bay Rugby and CBAA exclusively, it was decided that the facility itself, deWilde Rugby & Polo Fields, needed its own legs to stand on. We wanted to drive home the message that a lot of fundraising is going directly into facility development - parking, security, and ultimately, a large seating complex with bathrooms, locker rooms, and concessions.


For deWilde, we built a completely new page from the ground up in Webflow and maintained it via updates to the Phase and News pages. In addition to this, we’ve mapped out additional marketing opportunities such as email campaigns to help drive the message back to the community that deWilde Rugby Fields needs support. Within the original scope established, Madak continues to help organize and generate marketing collateral for fundraising and presentation events.


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