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Phoenix Sports Partners
Phoenix Sports Partners

With Madak-crafted pitch deck and messaging, PHNX Sports Partners went on to obtain $10m in Series A funding

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PHNX sports partners had several goals from the outset of their partnership with Madak; obtain Series A funding from new investors, solidify their identity as a brand conceptually and visually, and standardize their processes when taking new companies under their purview. As a start-up, the most foundational aspects of their business needed guiding direction in order to clarify and express their values as a company.


PHNX Sports Partners required an attack from multiple angles; first, we created a pitch deck to solidify their vision in a way that was easily explainable to potential investors in search of ‘Series A’ funding. Second, we crafted an external facing branding guide to define their identity as a company and helped them craft both their name and vision as a company. Finally, through our open and direct approach with their brand, we established a branding template, internal processes, and a framework for intake of new investment companies.


By using the Madak-crafted pitch deck and messaging in both print and presentations, PHNX Sports Partners went on to obtain $10m in Series A funding through 20 qualified investors. Currently they own 8 high-growth sports tech companies including Fan Food, Atavus, and Monsterful, with no sign of slowing down.

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