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Scaled & optimized their digital presence to increase overall lead generation

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Brand Strategy
Business Operations
Strategic Planning
Paid Media
Webflow Websites
Creative & Branding
CRM Management


As their sales verticals took a huge leap forward in relevance and importance, SafeTraces needed a consistent, sleek, and professional look to take into the marketplace, as well as sales decks for clients and investor pitches. In an environment primed for products focused on indoor air quality, supply chain transparency, and sanitation effectiveness, it was time to strike while the iron was hot. Madak and SafeTraces planned a new website, email marketing campaign, paid media, and informative assets that accurately explain how SafeTraces operates.

/  Inconsistent strategy through all areas of the business
/  Outdated website UI/UX needs for multiple industries 
/  Fragmented sales process and lack of sales generation
/  Desire to be positioned well for future venture capital investors


Madak and SafeTraces worked together on a full branding package, including logos, internal documents, and brand messaging. Madak drafted a new style guide for the SafeTraces brand, built a powerful new website, and produced information-rich video content to educate consumers and generate sales. These videos and assets were arranged into product pages illustrating the benefits of each SafeTraces product line. And we used the assets for paid media.

/  New complete branding strategy approach
/  New Webflow UI/UX website experience
/  Presentation decks for sales, investors and marketing 
/  Email marketing campaigns and automation workflow setup
/  Onboarded to Hubspot Marketing Hub
/  Graphic design collateral in sales and marketing
/  Management of outsourced paid media and video assets


"Madak brings creativity, agility, and organization to the table - all of which are very important in a start-up environment like ours."

Ulrike Hodges

Ulrike Hodges

/  Cohesive digital customer experience 
/  Integrated lead generation system which continues to improve
/  Increased quality leads through cohesive campaign
/  3x increased web traffic in first 6 months
/  5x lead generation in the first 12 months
/  Achieved desired investment with strong partners


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