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August 22, 2022

6 Effective Ways to Automate and Grow Your Business

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Automation is more readily available than ever before. There are numerous ways you can go about automating your business, especially your marketing tasks. You can easily schedule emails that will be sent whenever you want, follow up on abandoned cart leads, coordinate all tasks between your different team members, and much more. This is all thanks to the many new project management tools that are available. 

Even though most people know about these automation opportunities, not everyone chooses to use them. Instead, many people opt for the traditional, well-known way of doing things. This means they’re missing out on incredible opportunities to save money, time, and effort! This article will present you with six effective ways to automate your business that aren’t overly complicated to implement and will provide you with numerous benefits. Let’s get started! 

​​6 Ways to Automate Your Business

If you like doing things the “old school way,” then you probably consider automation either too complex or simply not worth the extra effort you will have to put into it. However, below we will show you six easy ways to automate your business that are not complicated at all and will save you a lot of hassle in the long run.

Automated Email Campaigns 

Email marketing automation is probably the most widely-used and effective form of automation. Email automation is super accessible and easy to set up, and it has several variations depending on your business's needs. With it, you can set up: 

  • A process that enables e-mails to be sent after the user performs a particular action. For example, as soon as someone sign-ups for your newsletter, you can set up email automation that will send them a welcome email. 
  • A/B testing for content that automatically determines which kind of email performs best and proceeds with sending it.
  • E-mail workflows that send your newsletters or other types of emails at set intervals.

These are just three of many examples of email automation that will make your team's life easier. Of course, now you might be wondering which platform to use. Our suggestion would be HubSpot, as that’s who we’ve decided to partner with!

Social Media Scheduling Tool

Social media platforms have become a must-use for any marketing campaign. However, posting on time and having a stellar schedule is difficult for many marketing firms. This is where social media scheduling apps come into play. 

By using a scheduling tool, you can create your social media content in advance and schedule when you want it to get posted. After that, the tool does the job independently and ensures you’re regularly posting on all key platforms. For this type of automation, we would also recommend using HubSpot so you can see all of your social media platforms at once. 

Outsource Key Tasks to Experts

If you have the opportunity, it might be a good idea to outsource key (but more complex) tasks to experts. For example, at Madak, we work with WooHoo for digital ads, as we feel their expertise is beneficial and it enables our team to focus on other “bigger picture” tasks and projects.

Implement a Task Management System

Because every marketing team is responsible for completing many tasks simultaneously, using a tool like Asana will help your team members focus on what they have to do for the day. A good task management system will ensure that all team members know what they’re responsible for when it has to be finished. Madak uses Asana to ensure the entire team functions smoothly and efficiently. 

Automate Your Onboarding Processes

Onboarding processes are ideal for automation, as the same steps get repeated for every new employee. At Madak, we save time and effort by using Trainual to automate our onboarding process. 

That way, we know that all of our new team members get access to the proper materials when they need them. This platform also helps team members comply with the company's regulations and ensures people are appropriately trained without having to constantly monitor their progress. 

Use a Password Manager for Login Credentials

It’s likely that for many tools, your entire team uses one and the same account. In order to make accessing it easier, you can use an app like Elepass to share the login credentials with all team members. It’s time to put a stop to people asking for a username or password over and over again. No more wasting time trying to find or remember those login credentials!

In Conclusion 

As you can see, none of these automation efforts are too difficult to implement, and the benefits that your marketing team will get from them are exceptional. If you don’t believe us, consider running a quick test — choose three of our suggestions (that you think are easiest to implement) and see if they improve your workflow or your company’s growth. But beware, after you start automating, you may not want to stop!