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Graphic Design
February 6, 2023

Creative Possibilities in Webflow from a Art Director’s Perspective

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Since websites are an important part of any business’s brand strategy it’s important that your website makes a good impression and is well-designed. Your website is often the first place people go to learn more about your brand and purchase products and services. However, it’s been found that users make a first impression of a website in only 50 milliseconds, meaning that you only have a short time to prove that your brand stands out from competitors.

Luckily, platforms like Webflow offer creative elements that can be easily implemented to build an advanced and visually engaging website.

What Are Creative Assets?

Creative assets are key visual building blocks of your website design. For instance, headers, graphics, photos, videos, and icons are all examples of creative assets. The application and treatment of Webflow's tools can also be considered a form of creative assets, such as with backgrounds, fonts, dividers, and transitions.

Webflow offers a wide variety of tools that make it easy to take your website to the next level, both visually and functionally. As long as they’re used effectively, these are great resources to help build a unique, professional, and captivating website.

How to Effectively Use Creative Assets in Webflow

There are a few ways to use creative assets in Webflow to ensure you’re utilizing it to its full potential. In addition to making your website visually appealing, creative assets also help determine how easy it is to navigate and how well it supports your brand identity. Here are a few ways Webflow allows for the effective use of creative assets.

Reinforce a Strong Brand Identity

Using fonts and colors that are consistent with your brand is a great way to reinforce your brand identity on your website. This creates consistency across your branded materials and platforms, including your website, social media, and other collateral. Having a strong brand identity makes your brand more recognizable and helps you stand out. Take a look at the veriDART® website to get a first-hand look at how Webflow supports consistency in fonts, colors, and graphics to create a fully branded experience.

Choose Strong Supporting Graphics

In addition to offering customizable colors and fonts, Webflow has a wide variety of pre-built graphics, patterns, and icons that can be used to elevate your website. You can use these to add some fun eye-catching elements to your site, making it more engaging. Be sure to keep it aligned with your brand identity however. Try to use graphics that are in your brand colors and are consistent in style across your brand. For example, if you have an icon of a phone in a brochure, make sure it matches as closely as possible on your website. Strong, intentional graphics can help personalize your website and make it unique. Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words, the way you use graphics and imagery will make a huge impact on how your website is perceived.

Create a Tailored Experience with Weblow’s Unstyled Elements

For more advanced content and design options, Webflow offers a way to include more complex elements on your website in a streamlined way. Add unstyled, pre-built elements to take control of your background videos, tabs, sliders, and more. This allows you to incorporate more advanced creative assets into your website, giving it a more professional, dynamic, and tailored feel. The possibilities are endless!

We Can Help You Create a Unique Website

At Madak, we exclusively build Webflow websites because we know that their features help us create elevated sites. Webflow makes it easy to implement creative assets and make your website stand out visually without having to use complicated code. This allows us to create personalized websites for clients based on their unique goals, brand image, and vision. Schedule a discovery call today to connect with us.