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October 17, 2022

Why Madak Only Builds Webflow Websites

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Building websites is a key part of any business’s or marketing agency’s work. Choosing the right platform to build websites on is important, as it will determine how accessible and efficient they are. At Madak, we only create websites with Webflow, a website-building platform used by over 3 million designers that eliminates the need for coding.

Madak is honored to be recognized as one of Webflow’s professional partners for the work we’ve done for our clients using their website builder. Keep reading to learn more about why we choose to use Webflow websites and the benefits that their platform can offer your company.

Creative Control

With Webflow websites, content can be created on your site right within the website builder. There’s no need to edit complicated code to build your website, making it an easy-to-use and accessible platform. 

Webflow also allows you to see how your content appears to your audience before you publish it. This gives you insight into the published version of your website, enabling you to easily make final edits to ensure it aligns with your company’s vision. 

Additionally, you can optimize content for tablets, phones, and desktops alike by allowing customization across devices. As of August 2022, over 60% of internet traffic comes from mobile devices rather than desktops. For this reason, it’s crucial that your website is designed to have good readability across devices.

No Templates Required

One of the biggest pros to using Webflow is that you aren’t required to start with a template. Templates are less customizable and increase the size of your website due to the large amount of code they use, which slows your website's loading speed

Webflow websites allow you to skip the template and start customizing right away with advanced and eye-catching layouts. No need to worry about slowing down your site or having to find and override a line of code to make customizations!

Protect Your Work

Have you ever typed out an essay or report and accidentally deleted all of it? If you have, you know it’s a horrible feeling to look at a blank screen as you start re-writing your work because it wasn’t saved. 

With a Webflow website, you’ll never have to worry about this happening because your edits are automatically saved and backed up. If you hit the wrong button and delete parts of your work, you can simply go back and restore it.

Quick and Efficient

Having a website builder that is quick and efficient helps minimize the time you spend maintaining your website while still enabling a neat and professional appearance. Webflow allows you to update your website in mere seconds. Simply make your edits, confirm that the content appears the way it should, and click publish. 

Webflow websites also integrate with a tool called Zapier, which allows you to connect apps like Slack and Facebook to your website and send automated messages when you receive leads. Zapier can also automate website updates. All of these features give companies more time to devote to other work.

Easy to Collaborate

With a Webflow website, it’s easy to work with other members of your team to create and maintain various parts of your website. You can add collaborators to your Webflow website to allow multiple people to view and make edits before anything is published. 

You can also see who made different edits, which helps you track changes and progress as multiple team members work on different aspects of the site.


Webflow websites are more accessible than other website-building platforms for many reasons, including its price. Plans start at $12 for simple websites that use a custom domain, with other affordable options available depending on your company’s needs. 

It’s also easy to download data with Webflow. If your company uses contact forms or other forms for various reasons, you can easily download form submissions to get easy access to information and store data for your company’s records. 

Webflow also simplifies SEO so your site and your content are more likely to be seen by prospective customers. It’s never a bad idea to work toward a wider reach!

Work With Us to Build Your Webflow Website

The creative control, quickness, and accessibility of Webflow make it the clear choice for building websites, which is why Madak uses it exclusively when we work with clients. Reach out today to learn more about how we can elevate your site with Webflow!