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Email Marketing
July 11, 2022

Why Madak Uses Email Automation

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Sometimes sending a mass email can feel like sending a message into a dark void, hoping someone is there to hear it on the other side. Without the right tools, it’s difficult to know how many people are actually engaging with your emails, not to mention who is engaging with your emails.

This is why Madak uses HubSpot email automation to craft well-written emails and keep track of how our marketing content is reaching our audience. Continue reading to learn about the benefits of using email automation and how Madak can help you set up your very own email automation with the help of HubSpot.

Sequence Automation Supports Hands-Off & Hands-On Strategies

Staying engaged with your audience is important, but your clientele likely doesn’t want to feel hounded with information constantly. Having an email automation system allows you to send a series of targeted, timed emails to nurture contacts over time. Automation also lets you choose exactly when you send emails out, which has an effect on open rates. HubSpot reported that “the highest click-to-open rates are 10 AM at 21%, 1 PM at 22%, and spike near 6 PM.”

Taking away the manual aspect of sending emails also allows you to focus on other parts of your marketing strategy that can boost profits, exposure, and business growth. This hands-off approach to email marketing has many benefits, but one of the best things about it is that you still have the option to be hands-on.

Using an automation tool lets you gather information and track ongoing trends like never before. When you automate your emails, you can also automate data collection, making campaign audits a breeze. It’s time to take an in-depth look at your current strategy and make any necessary tweaks or improvements!

Save Time, Money, and Stress

Since the HubSpot email automation tool bears the brunt of the data collection and analysis work for you, that’s time you aren’t spending wading through numbers and looking for patterns. That time can now be spent on accomplishing other tasks. This also lowers the amount of stress that is felt throughout the team as the system accomplishes repetitive and time-consuming tasks for them.

When you hand over your email automation strategizing to someone else (like Madak!), that also reduces the amount of “man-hours” being spent on marketing strategizing overall. This means you can save money by avoiding those hours spent hunched over a computer trying to do the work by hand. If email automation is part of your campaign budget and you use it consistently, your company will see the benefits.

Personalization and Creating a Well-Planned Email Strategy

One benefit of this HubSpot service is the personalization and customization that help your business stand apart from the competition. Let’s face it—no one likes a bland email that is just a block of text, even if there is beneficial or important information inside. Personalization allows you to make any email correspondence unique and have it represent your company’s vision, mission, and goals. It can also help you align your message with the voice you want your customers to hear. 

There are many reasons Madak became a HubSpot agency, one of which is the ability to nurture our contacts over time by personalizing our content to each recipient. This opportunity for personalization can help you better navigate a marketing strategy that will resonate with your customers and benefit your business! 

Getting the Customer’s Perspective

Having the opportunity to get direct information about the activity of your consumers should be taken advantage of whenever possible. Utilizing an automated email tool can help you understand things from a customer’s perspective. The data collected by the software can answer questions such as: What brings people in? What are our customers responding to? Did the changes we made have a positive impact?

You also have the opportunity to view the positive and negative trends within your personalized correspondence. By getting a customer’s perspective, you get to hear unspoken feedback from your customers. This feedback may not be shared with you in an email or over the phone, but it can still be vital feedback that’s needed to take your business to the next level.

The Bottom Line: Make Email Marketing Easier!

One of the great things about email automation is that it’s user-friendly and adaptable to your needs. That means less hair-pulling when trying to get all of your personalized emails out on time. No more glazed-over eyes from re-reading an email draft, and no more sifting through data from multiple sources in an attempt to figure out what’s working and what’s not. 

Madak offers email automation through HubSpot, which means we’re here to help guide you through the email automation process. We can get everything up and running so you can sit back and watch your emails roll out like clockwork. Contact us today to learn more about the wonderful world of email automation and discuss your options.