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January 23, 2023

Why Webflow Is Our Preferred Platform

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Websites are a primary component of any brand's marketing strategy. They serve as a home base to which you can direct customers so they can learn more about your brand. Of course, they’re also essential for connecting with supporters and selling products.

Since websites are so vital, choosing a website builder is a big decision. The perfect website builder must have the capabilities to reflect your brand’s message, be accessible, and include features important to your brand, like e-commerce tools.

At Madak, we exclusively build websites with Webflow—and there’s a good reason for that! Keep reading to learn more about Webflow, its benefits, and why we choose to use the Webflow website builder over any other option.

What Is Webflow?

Webflow is a website-building tool that helps designers (or anyone) easily create websites without having to use coding. Webflow allows you to create websites visually, which means you can prioritize visual appeal, usability, and content while avoiding complicated and technical coding. You can even use Webflow templates if you want an extra streamlined design experience.

At Madak, we create client websites with Webflow for the best user experiences and client success.

Why Your Website Platform Choice Matters

The choice of a website platform has a significant impact on the process of designing it, as well as the success of the site overall. A website platform has to have the necessary features to work with a client’s design vision and to support their marketing objectives.

In addition, you should have options for accessibility features, a variety of content, and design choices that allow for brand aesthetics to be reflected. Madak consistently chooses Webflow for its flexibility, which makes it easy to create unique websites to meet client goals. 

Why Webflow?

Madak works with Webflow for many reasons, including speed, ease of maintenance, and customizability. Webflow meets client expectations through multiple features that make it the best platform for us and for so many others. Here are some of the key benefits of using Webflow.

Client Handover

Webflow makes it easy to create websites for clients in more ways than one. Beyond its variety of design and content options, Webflow allows you to hand over websites to clients seamlessly. This process is easy-to-navigate, making it simple for clients to receive their website and take full control of any edits and updates they may want.

The client handover process is also quick, with only a few clicks needed for clients to take ownership of their new sites. Website creation and design collaboration don’t need to be complicated and anxiety-inducing for the creator or the client!

Go-To-Market Time

Thanks to the absence of technical web coding and the presence of a designer-friendly layout, developing a high-quality website with Webflow can be done quickly. 

This saves Madak and our clients time, money, and energy and allows final website drafts to get to clients faster. Using Webflow for website design ensures everything is delivered before the deadline and lets you focus more energy on other company goals and tasks.

User-Friendly Content Management System

One of Webflow’s most unique and popular features is its content management system (CMS), which allows for user-friendly website maintenance. Businesses may have many different people making website edits, including designers and editors, or they may just have one person in charge of website edits. Regardless, those responsible for updating the website are not always experienced in website design. 

A user-friendly CMS eliminates the confusion that comes with making website updates. Editors don’t have to worry about navigating a complicated website builder to make important changes. Webflow’s intuitive content management system saves time and allows anyone to be a master web designer.

Animations and Interactions

Webflow offers many features that make for a great user experience, including animations and interactions. These features allow designers to add smooth animations and complex interactions that elevate your website. Animations are intriguing to a viewer and can motivate people to interact with a brand.

The best part is that Webflow is set up specifically to prevent the interactions and animations you add from slowing down load times. This allows you to encourage user engagement while maintaining a positive user experience. 

We Only Use Webflow!

Ultimately, Madak chooses Webflow because it is the best platform to meet client goals and viewer expectations. Webflow is flexible and user-friendly, making it the perfect builder to set clients up for success and deliver an exceptional user experience.

Madak offers professional website design and maintenance for companies, using Webflow’s website builder. We’ll create a website experience that is easy for customers to understand and navigate, and which showcases credibility and brand authority. Schedule a discovery call to connect with a member of our team.