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Maxim Enterprises
Maxim Enterprises

As a end result, Maxim left with a professional reel that they are able to adapt to a variety of situations

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Maxim Enterprises is a toy manufacturing company based in China. With a large division in the United States and accounts at Costco and Walmart, Maxim needed help synthesizing its message to American consumers while featuring its warehouse, factory, stringent safety practices, and skilled workers. They wanted footage they could take to pitches for B2B business meetings, as well as ad footage for B2C platforms like Amazon and Instagram.


Madak contracted a filmmaker in China to take footage of Maxim’s warehouse floor and used that footage to communicate their commitment to quality, durability, safety, and customer service.


As an end result, we started with their sales deck, which we evolved into an engaging script and professional reel that Maxim is able to adapt to a variety of situations. They now have video footage that can be used across all of their platforms.


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