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Houston Sabercats
Houston Sabercats

Navigating through uncharted waters in the American marketplace.

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The sport of rugby has tried and tested roots in the United Kingdom, but as a relatively unknown sport to American audiences, The Houston SaberCats are pioneering a new and visionary sports franchise. Major League Rugby, founded in 2017, already boasts broadcasts on ESPN, CBS, and Fox networks. With a high-visibility opportunity for success, the Houston SaberCats needed to codify an identity, culture, and strategy to navigate through uncharted waters in the American marketplace.


We knew that the SaberCats needed a few things to set them up for success; exciting visual assets, a whip-smart internal team, and a digital ad strategy to blow the doors off Houston’s sports community. Knowing that Houston is already a renowned sports town, Madak and the SaberCats put together a plan to target sports fans in the Houston area through an aggressive social media campaign, while Madak also began drafting internal hiring and training documents.


We rolled out their aggressive digital ad strategy, and used our new photo and video assets to land sponsorships and build a relationship with the local Houston community. In their first season, the SaberCats gained thousands of social media followers and sold out the lion share of their games. Their brand new internal team had an array of photo and video assets to choose from, along with a clear path to success for future seasons.

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May 4, 2022

Keeping Eye on the Ball. Madak Helps Sabercats, AVEVA Build Image

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