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January 2, 2023

2022: The Year of Discovery, Clarity & Focus.

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This year was full of many challenges, discoveries, laughs and wins for both the Madak team and our clients. We truly found clarity on our way forward and we look forward to delivering continued success for our clients and partners in the coming year. Thank you to everyone for joining us our this journey toward continued growth & success.



Webflow Professional Partner

When the Webflow Professional Partner program rolled out, we pushed our way to the front of the line. We are beyond excited to be a member of this exclusive club and look forward to pushing ourselves with this platform and continue to bring the best website program to our clients.




DAPrDAN came to Madak with the goal of creating creative content about each of their seven services that would be used to captures leads through digital advertising and email marketing. They wanted to expand their existing clients and reach new audiences through specific campaigns during different times of the year. Madak brought their vision to life by creating a script, video planning, and recording a mini series launched with two different landing pages to perform A/B testing to decide which landing page would better perform with the video ad series. After launching a couple of the ads, we already saw results within the first month. Madak was able to help DAPrDAN reduce their cost per lead by 38%, increase their overall leads by 50% and yield their local search ads by 31%. Get started today




As their sales verticals took a giant leap forward in relevance and importance, SafeTraces needed a consistent, sleek, and professional look to bring into the marketplace. In March, Madak and SafeTraces worked together to build a powerful new website and produced information-rich video content to educate consumers and generate sales. These videos and assets were arranged into product pages illustrating the benefits of each SafeTraces product line which we used as assets for paid media. View Case Study




In the month of April, we kicked off our partnership with Dipak, the leading brand in gift wrapping in Mexico. We partnered with Dipak to help them design weekly gift bags that would appeal to the American audience as they expanded their sales into the United States. Since Madak started our partnership with Dipak, we have produced over 1200 designs. With our help in creating different sales decks, Dipak has started selling its gift bags at Dollar Tree, Walmart, Hallmark & Amazon. Purchase some bags on Amazon



May Madness 7's

Madak traveled to New Orleans to support May Madness 7's, The Largest Collegiate 7s National Championship Tournament. May Madness 7s came to Madak wanting a  more cohesive look to leverage this year, we built a brand new website from top to bottom with graphics, content, and new features to host this year’s tournament results. We built a bracket challenge leaderboard that was updated live time throughout the tournament. Leading up to the tournament, Madak maintained, updated, and posted weekly on the website while also launching a paid media strategy that unified its digital presence. The tournament was a huge success! Watch Madak on the Road Video




After launching Loyal's new website, Madak has since taken it one step further. We have helped Loyal launch its featured app pages that showcase everything they can do. There are only 6 featured pages launched, and we can't wait to help Loyal launch the rest in 2023! View Case Study



Seattle Seawolves

Our partnership with the Seattle Seawolves continued into 2022, our main focus is to help them sell tickets, renew season ticket holders, and expand their player development programs. To do this, we focused on email marketing and digital advertising for individual game and season ticket sales. We also expanded and defined the ‘Seawolves Academy, a training and development program for second-string players. We developed photos, videos, and creative assets to drive digital ads and email marketing. Secure 2023 Tickets



Dipak Sourcing Solutions

In August, we partnered with Dipak Sourcing Solutions (Dipak Sourcing), a Mexican-based company, that’s sole function is to locate new sources of supply to meet the continuous demand of their retailers and wholesalers in North America. Dipak Sourcing came to Madak with the goal of making their company public facing. We curated an updated logo, brand colors, and messaging. We utilized this new look and created a simple one page website that Dipak Sourcing could share with their potential clients. Along with that, we helped them streamline their process for manufacturers, by creating a factory evaluation application that easily captured all of their information. They can now keep these applications easily on hand to match their customers with the best manufacturer. View Case Study



Fast Model Sports

As we headed into the sales season for Fast Model Sports, we did what we do best and revamped this year's 2022 ad campaigns to increase their sales and created new landing pages. When we were mapping out a plan of attack with FastModel the challenge was to target multiple audiences with different needs, through the best possible marketing channel. For the younger teams the strategy included a laser focus digital and social media ad campaign using engaging content, and for the higher level teams, we focused on relationship building and sales deck pitches and development. View Case Study



6 Years

In the month of October, we celebrated our 6-year anniversary. The last 6 years would not have been possible without all of you! From the success of our client's launches to growing our team and partners, Madak has accomplished a lot since we started back in 2016. We look forward to the growth that is yet to come, and the opportunity to create an even better experience for our clients!




Locance came to Madak wanting to expand on the brand they had started. We did what we do best, Madak created an entire brand guide for Locance complete with new fonts, colors and logos. We took this new branding and built a new website from top to bottom. Complete with new messaging and graphics, they can now highlight their platform and features. After launching phase 1 of the website, Madak is continuing to build on it by redoing all of its downloadable resources and adding new case study pages. View Website



2023 Brand Refresh

As our agency grows, we are refining and narrowing down our processes to ensure the best experience for our clients. To start the year off fresh, Madak is ready to share with you our refreshed brand that aligns with our goals and where we are going as a business. Madak is a marketing agency that builds brands and Webflow websites that inspire growth. With decades of strategic, creative, and technical expertise. Our clients are forward-thinking businesses in the technology industry. We can't wait to work with you in 2023!