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Dipak Sourcing Solutions
Dipak Sourcing Solutions

Dipak Sourcing needed new and re-freshed branding to bring their company public-facing


Dipak Sourcing came to Madak with the goal of making their company public facing. We helped give them an online presence so that potential sellers and manufacturers could connect with them. Dipak Sourcing also wanted a streamlined process for manufacturers to fill out a factory evaluation application to join their network of 200+ factories. This helps Dipak Sourcing find the right solution for their customers.


Madak created a presentation deck for Dipak Sourcing that highlighted the company and its capabilities. We next streamlined the process for manufacturers to give their details to Dipak Sourcing. We created a one-page application that easily captured all of their information. They can now keep these applications easily on hand to match their customers with the best manufacturer. Dipak Sourcing also needed new and refreshed branding to bring their company public-facing. Madak curated an updated logo, brand colors, and messaging. We utilized this new look and created a simple one-page website.

Madak is continuing our partnership with Dipak Sourcing, and starting the next step of our partnership, creating a more organized database of their manufacturers. Madak is in the process of creating a password protected backend database on their website that will organize and filter their list of manufacturers. Therefore making the process of finding the best manufacturer for their customers that much easier.

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